Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas party with family ~ we miss you, ah yee.

Yesterday was a simple, nice and comforting christmas party for our family and benjamin jiu jiu came to prepare nice food with jie jie jaime. I was so tired, I slept before they all left. We had a nice spread of food, turkey, ham, salad (taco flavoured), pork knuckles, tortillas and mummy didn;t forget me. she cooked beef casserole for me. It took her 5 and a half hours. Thank god it turned out nice.
there was konnayaku, agar agar and cakes for dessert. Mum prepared mango sorbet for me, but i prefered agar agar and helped myself to it. I was allowed a small teeny weeny bit after playing the poor cat.. sigh... so much work to get such a small slice. I was happy with 3 gifts.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dong Zhi

mummy says it's chinese festival called dong zhi and we have to make dumpling balls.

Look at how we made them... Fun!

It's my mummy's birthday

Saturday was mummy's birthday and so mum and dad brought me to Vivocity to buy me a pair of Crocs. I was unhappy and cranky and just when they surrendered and want to head back, they brought me to the outdoor playground. I wasn;t impressed until I saw water play and I wet myself thoroughly. mummy had to buy me new clothes.. I ended up wearing a Mr Impossible Tee and new cargo pants home.

Look at the pictures:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My 1st Christmas

These are some shots of me and the Christmassy season in SG now. I'm fast asleep and mummy is going to KO already. So, just let the pictures do the talking.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Javier's down with HFMD ~ Thank goodness it's mild!

I am unwell now. Mummy and daddy brought me out to Orchard Road to look at the beautiful Christmas lights over the weekend and took some lovely photos.
I also went to IKEA to get a high chair for ah ma to confine me when i have my meals. I like this chair tho.
Then on Sunday, mummy saw 3 red dots on my hand, but ah gong and papa say that mummy is too paranoid, so mummy decided that it was ok, so she left it. But on Monday morning, mummy saw a big ulcer in my mouth and checked on the 3 red dots again. I was brought to Dr Chan and she confirmed that I have mild HFMD. So, I am home with mummy and ah ma.