Monday, March 12, 2012

My thoughts on becoming a parent IN Singapore

Referring to this article, which discusses about the 'parenthood' in Singapore, I have some questions I feel are fundamental for the lady to stay at home.

[1] Can you have no off days, no leave, unless daddy can take leave?
[2] Can you have no branded goods?
[3] Can you send the child to an average school (monthly fees of $450) and no enrichment lessons?
[4] Handle all the housework and noise from the kids daily?

Living in Europe has shown me that if our answers to the above is 'yes', then you can stay at home and raise your child (if the average family income is $5000).
In Finland and Sweden, the women or men who choose to stay home sacrifice for the kids too.
In a way, we have to pay the opportunity cost if we want to stay at home to develop the bond with our children. We have to give up our fight to climb up the corporate ladder or any kind of ladder to establish that bond with our children. Sometimes, we might feel that it is unfair. But, what is fair? If you choose the corporate ladder, you have already decided to outsource the caring of kids. Then that is the cost. IF you give up the money and position, you give up the bags and shoes, salary and hi-life. U will have chosen the four walls in the house, market, cooking, caring, teaching and screaming and ultimately, your kids looking at you and say, I LOVE U, MUM. This is the price to pay. Maybe, maybe, we, as parents (male and female) should look at our banks, statements, weighing scale and choose. And, after choosing, not feel guilty and regret.

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